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Signos RT Personal Ultrasound

Signos RT Personal Ultrasound

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Introducing the Signos Real-Time Personal Ultrasound. The world’s smallest Real-Time ultrasound revolutionises how you see your patients.

Pocket Sized and Personal

Signos RT, the world's smallest and most affordable completely portable ultrasound system, now makes ultrasound technology easy to use – for all users from novice to experienced - and is small enough to carry in your pocket or wear like a stethoscope. Providing outstanding image quality, this unique palm-sized device weighs less than 400 grams (14 ounces) and is ideal for quick and simple point-of-care applications such as e-FAST, pneumothoraces, AAA screening, bladder volumes, basic pregnancy assessments and ruling in obvious pathology.

Designed to Make Ultrasound Easy

Instant Insight at the Point of Care

Signos RT powers up from sleep mode instantly, ready to use when and wherever you need it. Use entirely as a stand alone ultrasound system or simply plug the hand-held display unit or ultrasound probe directly into your Windows based PC, laptop or tablet running the specially designed SigViewer software, standard with all Signos RT devices. Ideally suited for those occasions when you need the flexibility of a larger display.

Some popular applications of the Signos RT system include:

  • eFAST scan
  • Lung imaging - pleural fluid, pneumothoraces
  • Post-void residual bladder volume (automated measurements)
  • Basic pregnancy assessments – confirmation scans, FHR, fetal position
  • Basic internal organ imaging – gross gall bladder pathology.
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) Screening
  • Localisation of free fluid in the abdomen and lungs
  • Core muscle assessment – TA, pelvic floor
  • Basic veterinary applications

"Diagnostic imaging—the most common and most needed procedures of which are X-ray and ultrasound examinations—plays a critical role in surveillance, prevention, and diagnosis of disease as well as in monitoring treatment.

80%-90% of diagnostic problems can easily be solved using basic X-ray and / or ultrasound examinations."1

Innovative and Simply Indispensable

A flexible, award winning design with multiple features makes Signos RT an invaluable tool for everyday use. Offering the convenience of Real-Time B-Mode, M-Mode and PW Doppler imaging, volume measurements and simple to access presets, Signos RT is the ideal companion for any point-of-care physician or healthcare professional.


  • Carry in your pocket
  • Instant power on and long-lasting battery
  • Reduce procedural complications
  • Detect obvious pathology
  • Strong, durable and robust design

Product Features

  • Easy access to USB port and headphone jack, touch screen stylus and 4GB microSD data card (included) which enables you to store 10,000+ images
  • Convenient USB connection enables removable probe to be directly connected to your Windows based PC, laptop or tablet running the accompanying SigViewer software
  • High resolution touch screen display shows accurate images and enables you to easily
  • and quickly access a wide range of applications – Presets, Scanning Modes, Depth, Gain, Measurements, Patient Information, Text Annotation and Voice Recording – for fast clinical review
  • Choice of easy interchangeable transducers. The ‘S3-5’ is suitable for all applications of the Signos RT, providing higher resolution images from superficial areas through to 18cms. The ‘S3’ is a more cost effective option designed primarily for abdominal imaging applications such as bladder scanning and free fluid localisation


Technical Specification


  • 392 grams (13.8 oz)


  • Display unit: 11.5cm H x 6.8cm W x 2.0cm D
  • Display Screen: 6.85cm Hi-res colour LCD
  • Probe: 14cm L x ~6cm W x ~3.3cm D
  • Connecting cable: 85.8cm L


  • S3-5 Sector Annular (3-5 MHz) – B/M Mode + PW Doppler
  • S3 Sector (3 MHz) – B/M Mode + PW Doppler

User interface

  • Touch screen and scroll wheel
  • Onscreen alphanumeric keyboard
  • Text and Voice Recording
  • Optional tablet display
  • PictBridge compatible printing

Measurement tools

  • Auto Volume Measurements
  • Linear distance calipers
  • Ellipse & polygon area/circumference
  • Beats-per-minute (BPM)

Image storage

  • 4 GB microSD data card (included)
  • Urgent Mode internal memory
  • USB connection for downloads


  • SigViewer PC/tablet software
  • Backup images/data
  • Search and manage database
  • Automatic software updates


  • 75% charge in 2 hours
  • 100% charge in 3 hours
  • Lasts up to 30 hours (based on four 1-minute scans/hour)
  • Over 120 minutes of continuous scanning

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