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Kenek Clip - Pulse Oximeter

$ 50.00

The Kenek O2 sensor, along with the free companion iOS app, combines the convenience of an Apple mobile or tablet device and a clinically accurate pulse oximeter. Your measurements and vital signs trends are always neatly organized in your mobile device, ready to share with your physician.

The Kenek O2 pulse oximeter connects to the audio port of Apple mobile devices, utilizing the power, processing and display capabilities of the mobile device. It is the only portable pulse oximeter not requiring batteries or recharging. The Kenek O2 pulse oximeter is the next generation of personal medical devices.


  • Fast, reliable and accurate measurements
  • SpO2, heart rate and pleth waveform
  • Brilliant display visible in low light
  • Record up to 60 minutes of continuous vital signs readings
  • Suitable for dark and light skin tones, low perfusion
  • Lightweight, compact and comfortable
  • No batteries or recharging required
  • Constructed with quality materials that are Latex and BPA free
  • Designed in Canada, tested throughout the world

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