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Haemospect - hemoglobin device

$ 500.00

The haemospect® system is a high class measurement device, designed for non-invasive measurement of blood hemoglobin levels. Haemospect® is designed for use in mobile units.

The advantages:

  • painless, bloodless measurement of hemoglobin concentration in blood
  • experience with more than 3 million measurements in daily practise
  • optimisation of the performance driven by the permanent expansion of the underlying spectra basis
  • works with all skin types and pigmentations
  • independend from cold/warm fingers
  • no interference if nail polish or artificial nail
  • no risk of infection, hygienic
  • no disposables
  • no order-management and storage
  • economically highly attractive, pays for itself in a short time

Perfect in mobile application:

  • Digiclip: easy handling, no extraneous light
  • battery powered
  • 250 Measurements per charge
  • measurement result in 15-20 seconds (pure measurement time 11-16 s)

Safety & Quality "Made in Germany"

  • Reflector for System Check
  • Calibration Standard tool for quality control
  • Long life up to 10 years (no wear and tear parts)
  • 100% component traceability

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